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The port of Wakkanai is located on the northern end of Hokkaido and Japanese government named "Important Port" according to the code. The port is very famous as a big fishery base among japan and plays big role in industries, development for Rishiri and Rebun islands or sightseeing business. The port has made big progress as transportation base.
 The fishery is one of the leading industries of Wakkanai area. In particular trawl boats based on the port work hard and sometime reach Bering Sea. Thanks to this kind of situation, vessels should modernize and become bigger and bigger.
 In 1972, we had build graving dock for 1,900 ton class vessels to maintain modernized bigger trawl boats and we made yard for hull and equipments for vessels. Then we had received more orders for ship repairing works.
 In sightseeing business "visiting to islands" kind of tour is coming popular and ferry boats for tourists come bigger. We recognized this tendency because the port has ferry base to Rishiri and Rebun islands. We had made our graving dock larger for 3,200 ton class vessels in 1989 and on December 1999, we enlarged for 4,000 ton class vessels.
 On September 2005, we got a floating dock. We named this 48m length, 33m width, 9.3m depth new dock《SOKAI》and we used this for repairing bigger vessel that can not entre to graving dock or works for making caissons.
 Besides ship repairing or building works, we work on the land. We made big tanks for storage, pressure container, machinery for chemical works, electric power plants, and we make steel-frame for buildings. In addition, we do maintenance works for big vehicle. Our clients evaluate our works in this field recently.
 After 200 miles fishery zone days, fishery boats of the port reduce year dy year and this situation is tough for our kind of ship repairing or building company. However we aer proud of our works and our company is only one ship repairing or building company for big vessels on the northern part of Hokkaido. We always watch business movement in Japan, on Sakhalin or in the World and we shall work on the port side and land. We hope that our works help the progress of any industry in this area and can be sure that is the very our customers hope.


The President and Representative Director Seichi Kazenasi